Different Gameboys

Hello everyone, welcome back to my computers and electronics blog! How are you all doing today? I hope you are doing amazing, because so am I! I just got a package from this really good used sales site called http://www.for-sale.co.uk/ that has some really cheap deals on lots of used items. I got myself a used gameboy from them this time, and it almost completes my collection of every type of Nintendo Gameboy! So far I have a Gameboy Colour, a Gameboy Advance, a Gameboy Micro and a Gameboy SP. I only need the original Gameboy, a Gameboy pocket and a Gameboy light and I finish off my collection! Below are some of the ones I have, and a little information about each. I hope you enjoy it!


Brief History

The Gameboy has been around for a long time now, dating all the way back to 1989. This pocket sized system has some of the most famous classic games on it, like the original Pokemon games and Donkey Kong Country. This revolutionary device now has a library of over 450 games; with something for everyone available. The Gameboy has sold over 100 million units in it 27 year old life, and has made an impact on even more lives.


Gameboy Advanced SP


The Gameboy Advanced SP, or simply Gameboy SP was the first handheld console that was officially mine. My dad had an old Sega Gamegear, but that was his and he only had a small amount of games for it that he liked. With my Gameboy SP, I was able to download games from the internet onto a cartridge and use that to play off of; depending on the games I could sometimes fit six of them on at at time. The Gameboy SP that I had as a child broke before last Christmas, so I went online and found myself a cheap used Gameboy Advanced SP from this link http://www.for-sale.co.uk/gameboy-advanced-sp and I have played so much on it the backlight burnt out. That is why we have the internet!

gameboy advanced sp


Gameboy Advance


When I was a young boy, all the cool kids had a Gameboy Advance. They had just came out when I was in elementary school and it started the shift at my school of kids playing games at recess and not playing ball. I got my first Gameboy from a garage sale for only $10, but recently I found a really cheap used Gameboy Advanced for sale on http://www.for-sale.co.uk/nintendo and it’s the Crystal version that was used ever so gently. I love this special edition Gameboy Advance, you can see all the computer guts!


  Gameboy Advance

Gameboy Micro

Ah, the Gameboy Micro. The last of the Gameboys. This pint sized console was essentially a smaller version of the Gameboy Advance SP but lacked the ability to play GameBoy or Gameboy Color games. This machine was a little bit bigger than a Raspberry Pi, but you can play Pokemon on it with no problems so I would have to say it edges out the Raspberry Pi even today.

 Gameboy Micro

Those are just some of the Gameboy handheld consoles I own, but these ones are my favourite! Do you guys own any Gameboy consoles, or even their big brother the DS? Let me know your opinions on them in the comments, and if you can help me get my hands on the versions I mentioned at the top then shoot me a line! If you enjoyed this article, check out our previous post on Spotify! See you soon!